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We are planning a Fashion Show 1880-1930 in January. Anyone who would like to join this adventure will be sure to have a good time.. 

We also hope to have an 1880-1930 musical event and an art show/talk covering that period. Help with these would be much appreciated.

Lancaster-Bishop Room: Third Floor Coombs Municipal Building.
Tuesdays 10-12 & 2-5. We have great conversations, and we even get some work done making Bowdoinham history accessible to all. Everyone Welcome!

We are looking for Bowdoinham photos from the past to scan and return to you for our collection. (Especially anything to do with Fires, Fire Equipment, Firemen and Firewomen, etc.)

The Carriage Shed is finished and proving very useful. Three cheers for all your support!

Jellerson School: Step Back in Time ... We welcome classes or home school groups to experience a school day in 1910. Details here.

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