2024-03-10 Annual Meeting Agenda

BHS Annual Meeting Agenda 3/10/24 @ MMHall

3pm Call Meeting to Order

3:05pm Secretary’s Report Elizabeth Barrett

3:10pm Treasurer’s Report Betsy Steen $1000 from town for 2024-25 budget

3:20pm Buildings Report: Betsy Steen
Jellerson: (Classes last year) (could use more school marms/masters) Meeting House & Carriage Shed 1930-1960 Display at present Merrymeeting Hall.
Hope to have $5000 for utilities or some of that.
Free use of Hall Town for town non-profits
Roof done 1/2 Summer- Fall 2023
Septic in progress

BHS Activity Report: Old Business:

3:45 pm Cemeteries: Elaine Diaz and Town Cemetery Advisory Committee

3:55pm Recent Activities and Events Report: Betsy Steen

MMMusic @ MMH 1/month Artisans’ Guild Sale 12/2023 ‘Apron Tea’ (2023

4:05pm Waterfront Concert Suppers: (YES or NO)

Should BHS continue to do one? If so we need a person(s) to take over leadership. BHS has all needed supplies (plates, flatware, etc) Records from past Suppers.

4:10pm BHS Yard Sale. Does anyone want to take it on?

4:15pm BHS BYLAWS: Discussion

Provide copies of digital copies Hold Email Vote in 2-3 weeks? VOTE YES or NO on this proposal

4:25pm SLATE of Officers:

President. Brendan Bullock Vice President: Brett Thompson Secretary: Elizabeth Barrett

(Treasurer: Betsy Steen. This position is not elected, but appointed by the BHS Board)

Trustees: (at least 3)
Julie Rea, Jamie Rea

Leslie Anderson
Frank Connors
Elaine Diaz
Todd Woofendon
New: Kate Brinsmade, Sarah Matari, Ian McConnell, Atlee


4:35pm New Business:

Town Hall

BHS provided the money (C $6000) for the study of the building by Post and Beam expert(s)

Town Hall Stage Curtain: I would like BHS To take possession and charge of it when it is taken down before work on the Town Hall. We

can repair any issues it has and clean or have it cleaned, after researching. BHS should also research and put together the curtain’s history, as well as photographing it

4:45pm (Vintage) Doll Festival/ History
Date: Possibly. Sat & Sun May 18-19 in BHS (or at Meeting House) Can use more volunteers

4:50pm BPL Garden Tour. July 13

Volunteered BHS to help proving information on houses where Garden Tour is: Help with the Garden Tour Folder/ Leaflet.

5:00pm - Meeting Adjourned