Bowdoinham Trivia Questions: 1820

From The Bay, the Land, the People and Adams’ History of Bowdoinham


What was the population of Bowdoinham in 1820? 

2259 (inc Richmond, but not Cathance Neck)


What towns did Bowdoinham include in 1820?

Richmond (Inc 1823) Not Cathance Neck (left. 1789   Back 1830)


Was there a bridge over the Cathance in 1820?

Yes, a toll bridge built 1805. Foot 2¢, Horse & Rider 6¢


Name 3 buildings here still that were in Bowdoinham Village in 1820?

Graviett’s House on Back Hill, 1790

Durgin-Leighton’s cape Upper Main St.,  1790

Gray Estate,  15 Main St1800

Double Dormer Capes 4 of 5. Spring St, Back Hill, Church/Vine St, 

Lower Ridge Rd (maybe River Rd). 1800

Brick Store, 1804

Tiny Cape 38 Main St. 1811

George & Howard’s House Back Hill 1820

Burroughs 65 Main St 1820 


Others in Bham?  

Ferdico (Harward)  Pork Point Rd (1777)

Thirwall (Preble)  Pork Point Rd  1800

Ferguson-Allen Pork Point Rd 

Leschefske (Cummins/Lilly/Purington). 1790-1820. Bay Rd

Fenimore (Fulton)  Bay Rd


Where was church held in 1820?

in school houses or private homes


What was the main industry in 1820?



What means of transportation were there in 1820? 

On Foot, On horseback, by horse drawn vehicle, by boat


What did Bowdoinham have for fire equipment in 1820? 

Hand Tub Phenix. Built 1798. To Bham 1805 (Carr)


In what state was Bowdoinham at the beginning of 1820?  



In what county was Bowdoinham in 1820? 

Lincoln Co.


How old was Bowdoinham in 1820? 

58 years old. (Inc 1762)


Did Bowdoinham have a Post Office in 1820? 

Yes (1810)


Was there a school in Bowdoinham Village in 1820?  

Yes. Village School House, built in 1794 behind current Town Hall


Were there Inns and Taverns in Bowdoinham in 1820?


James Tyler  Main St. 1808

Leonard Tavern Corner Main St. & Center Sts.    Burned 1847 

Joseph Curtis Tavern.    Burned 1843

Mustard Tavern  Post Road. Built before 1775  burned 1921. Portland to Augusta

Fisher Tavern  Fisher Rd  Built in 1797. 


What Roads were there in 1820?

Road from Bowdoin to Bowdoinham/Cathance Landing. 1797

Fisher-Post Roads = Post (Mail) road through Bowdoinham.1774 to 1850 (rail)

River Rd.

Abbagadessett Rd

Center’s Point 1808

Bay Rd.

Carding Machine

Ridge Rd    1808


Were there Fraternal Organizations in Bowdoinham in 1820?

Masonic Lodge #26 chartered  1817 

Master -Jonathan Purington 1819-1821


How much did the Town Raise for Schools in 1820?  



What was every man’s business in 1820?  



Were there Cemeteries in Town in 1820?

Banks of Abby River very early.  1700s

Many ‘family plots’

Ridge Cemetery.  1800

Village - 1856


What families were here in 1820 that still have descendants here?












By what name was Bowdoinham Village known in 1820 and until 1850-60?

Cathance Landing


Name three businesses in town in 1820 which we don’t have today.





What Vessel was built at Cathance Landing in 1820? 

The schooner Arms.  113 Tons. Owner-Benjamin Foster

(36 vessels were built at the landing or at other Bham yards between 1819-1825)


What bill, passed in 1807 by congress, badly hurt New England, including Bowdoinham’s shipping and shipbuilding interests?

Embargo Act 

Restricted American vessels to American ports

“Vessels rotted upon the stocks, half finished, or decayed in ports for want of a cargo”


Did Bowdoinham have a doctor in 1820? 

Yes, Dr Urial Huntington 1810 - 1839

1822 George W. Tinker arrived practiced until 1876


Who were the Selectmen in 1820?

Loyalist Brown

Thomas Sanford

Robert Wilson


What were a Bowdoinham laborer’s wages in 1820? 

45-75¢ per 12-15 hour day


How could people communicate / get the word out in 1820?

Bell, steam whistle, Paper on Tavern Wall or Courthouse Wall, “Paul Revere”.