Merrymeeting Bay Pioneers Project

Kendall Room of Coombs Municipal Building (13 School St.)

Please join us Sunday, 11/11/18. in the Kendall Room of Coombs Municipal Building (13 School St.) at 3:30PM! Refreshments, of course!

Presenters:  Dr. Bruce Bourque, Dr. Alan Bowes, Fred Koerber, & Chris Gutscher

"The Merrymeeting Bay Pioneers Project is a cross-disciplinary study focusing on the first wave of English pioneers who settled in the Merrymeeting Bay area during the 17th century, prior to the outbreak of King Philip’s War in 1675."

Making Connections -  This project is about communities in two different ways. We are trying to learn more about the community of English settlers who lived around Merrymeeting Bay in the 17th century, but we are also interested in making connections between that early group of pioneers and members of the present-day communities around the bay.

Merrymeeting Bay, as we know it today, is a product of its natural and human history. All of the people who have called the area home over the millennia have left their mark in diverse ways, helping to shape our present-day culture and society as well as the area's ecology. We believe that learning more about the area's past will foster a greater level of interest and appreciation among community members in their rich cultural and natural heritage, while also preparing them to make better planning decisions that affect that heritage. To develop a heightened sense of appreciation and "ownership" of this heritage, we want to stress community education and participation.

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