Armed Forces

These lists of the Bowdoinham members of the Armed Forces came from the Bicentennial Booklet:

Members Of The Armed Forces From Bowdoinham, Maine

And Their Rank At The Close Of World War I- 1919

Due to the fact there was not a list of the men who served with the Armed Forces in W.W. I, this list was taken from the Roster of Maine in the Military Service of the United States and Allies, World War 1917-1919. Also, with the help of my father, William Maloon, to my knowledge this list is complete.

-- Thelma M. Gustafson


Pvt Frank G. Allen-May 28, 1918-July 11, 1919

P.F.C. Harvey Ames-July 25, 1917-March 25, 1919

Sgt. James C. Ames, May 28, 1918-October 17, 1919

P.F.C Leroy G. Barrett-June 24, 1918-Jan. 22, 1919.

Pvt. Jacob W. Bishop, Jr.-Oct. 10, 1918-Decemher 8, 1918.

Pvt. Edwin C. Brown-July 25, 1918-Nov 23, 1918.

Pvt. William Mck. Brown-Sept. 3, 1918-Jan. 17, 1918.

P.F.C. John A Coffren-July 29, 1918-Dec. 10, 1918.

Pvt. Leon Coppola-Apr. 27, 1918-Mar. 6, 1919.

P.F.C. George F. Coughlin-July 25, 1917-Mar. 22, 1919.

William Coughlin-Apr. 2g, 1918-Mar, 8, 1919.

Pvt Locke Crouse-Apr. 26, 1918-Apr. 29, 1919.

Pvt. Eurotis Darling-Apr. 29, 1918-Jan. 29, 1919.

Pvt. Salvator De Luca-June 24, 1918-not listed.

Pvt. Herbert G. Dickerson-July 25, 1917-Aug. 9, 1919.

P.F.C. Harvey Drapeau-Apr. 29, 1918-Nov 12, 1919.

Pvt. James F Duffy-Oct. 24, 1918-Jan. 17, 1919.

Pvt. Eddie Fickett-Aug. 28, 1918-Jan. 15, 1919.

P F.C. Raymond W. Fotte-Aug. 5, 1918-Dec. 13, 1918.

Sgt. Maj. Silas W. Foss-Oct. 2, 1917-July 25, 1919.

2nd Lt. Roscoe N. Given-July 25, 1917-July 1, 1919

Pvt. William Given-Oct. 2, 1918-Mar. 24, 1919.

Pvt. Wilbur R. Hall-May 28, 1918-Aug. 14, I919.

Pvt. Karl D. Hatch-Oct. 1, 1918-Oct. 5, 1918.

Pvt. George L. Hoage-July 26, 1918-Jan. 24, 1919.

Pvt. Clifford McNally-Apr. 29, 1918-Feb. 29, 1919.

Pvt. William M. Malasky-June 9, 1917-Sept. 26, 1919.

Pvt Waler Maloon-July 26, 1918-Aug. 2, 1918.

Pvt. William Maloon-May 28, 1918-June 9, 1919.

P.F.C. William Miller-July 29, 1918-Jan 8, 1919.

Pvt. Forest R. Pinkerton-Oct. 12, 1918-Dec. 10, 1918.

Cpl. George D. Purington-Dec. 15, 1917-Aug. 5, 1919.

Mec. James Purington-Oct; 24, 1918-Dec. 23, 1918.

Pvt. Guy C. Siegars-May 28, 1918 -July' 9, 1919.

Mec. Lewis Sucy-May 28, I918-Mar. 14, 1919.

Pvt. Albert Temple-Aug. 5, I918-Aug. 31, 1918.

Pvt. George H. Thomas-June 6, 1918-June 20, 1919.

CK. Albert Thompson-Apr. 5, 1917-Apr. 28, 1919.

P.F.C. Raymond Tibbetts-June 8, 1918-Feb. 10, 1919.

Cpl. William F. Williams-Apr. 30, 1914-July 29,1919.

Cpl. Edward K. Wilson-July 25, 1917-Mar. 26, 1919.

Sgt. Lauris R. Wilson-Dec. 8, 1917-Dec. 16,1919.

Wag. Ralph L. Winslow-July 26, 1918-Jan. 17,1919.




Pvt. Wilbur O. Allen-Jan. 9, 1918-Sept. 22,1924.

Cpl. Merton A. Barrett-June 15, 1918-Oct. 6,1919.

P.F.C. Eric Blair-June 5, 1917-June 18, 1919.

P.F.C. Edward E. Coleman-June 9, 1917-May 2, 1919.

P.F.C. Orrin Donnell-Apr. 13, 1917-Dec. 10, 1918.

V.C. Dunlap-77th Division-New York.

Pvt. James E. Dunn-June 24,1918-Jan. 22, 1919.

Pvt. William D. Grover-July 25, 1917-June 23, 1919.

Maj. William L. Haskell-Aug. 5, 1917-Mar. 21, 1919.

Pvt. George E. Jack-Apr. 1,1918-June 19,1919.

P,F.C. Jesse Jenkins-Aug. 28, 1918-July 22, 1919.

Sgt. George Libby Jr.-Sept. 5, 1917-July 2,1919.

Pvt. Frank N, Millett-Apr, 2, 1917-June 18, 1919.

Pvt. Ray D. Parris-July 21, 1918-Mar. 5, 1919.

P.F.C. Pearl E. Perry-Apr. 29, 1918-Dec. 12, 1918.

P.F.C. Howard E. Pratt-June 15, 1917-Jan. 7, 1919.

Pvt. Stephen H. Pratt-Sept. 16, 1918-June 21, 1919.

Roland Smith-July 25, 1917-Sept. 23, 1918 killed in action.

Cpl. Winthrop R. Staples-July 6, 1917-May 2, 1919.

Pvt. Chester E. Winslow-Sept. 4, 19l8-Oct. 9, 1918-died of disease.



Sea. Dwight L. Ames-June 27, 1917-Oct. ll, 1919.

Sea. 2c Carl L. Brawn-Apr. 9, 1917-July 31, 1919.

F. 3c John D. Brown-Apr. 9, 1917-died April 6, 1918- USS Rappahannock.

HA Ic Albert M. Card-Dec. 6, 1917-Dec, 13, 1918.

Sea. Frank P. Card-May 14, 1917-Dec, 30, 1918.

GM Ic Arthur E. Leavitt-Apr, 9, 1917-May 20, 1919.

F Ic Stanley S. Mitchell-Nov. 5, 1915-Oct. 9, 1919.




SK 2c Clyde L. Gray-June 8, 1918-July 18,1919.

Sea 2c Frank K. Hawkes-Apr, 2, 1918-May 17, 1919.

CM 3c Percy J. Rideout-June 29, 1918-Feb. 20, 1919.

Sea 2c Charles Staples-June 5, 1918-Sept, 26, 1919.

Members Of The Armed Services From Bowdoinham, Maine

And Their Rank At The Close Of World War II 1945

S l/C Leroy Adams USN

James Alexander

M.M, James Allen USMS

Pvt. Robert E. Allen USMC

S/Sgt. Donald Almy USA

T/Sgt. Paul Arthur Almy USA

M.M. Jacob Barter USMS

Frederick Bass

William Bass

T/5 Malcolm Billings USA

Captain Charles N. Blodgett USA

S/Sgt. Erle Royden Browne AAF

GM 3/C Louis Carras USNR

Pfc. Theodore Carras AAF

T/5 Arnold R. Chadwick USA

Sgt. Donald F. Chesley AAF

Sgt. Robert Chesley AAF

Pfc. Alden A. Connors USA

Lt. Mildred Cribby WAAC

S l/C RT Arthur P. Curtis USNR

2nd. Lt. Burton C. Curtis AAF

Y 3/C Lloyd E. Curtis USNR

SOM 2/C Clyde J. Douglass USCG

Cpl. Charles E. P. Dunklee USMC

T/Sgt. Harold P. Dunn USA

G.M. 3/C Marshall Dunn USN

A.M.M. I/C Rodney Dunn USN

B.M. I./C Avery M. Fides, Jr. USN

Ensign Forrest D. Fides USMS

SF 3/C Frank V. Fowler USNR

Ist. Lt. William G. Gile USA

Kenneth Grady USMS

Pfc. Kenneth W. Hackett USA

Sgt. Linwood E. Hackett AAF

Pfc. Charles R. Hanson USA

S 2/C Malcolm D. Hatch USNR

Pfc. Melville R. Hanson USMC

A.S. Elmer Hunter USNR

A.S. Wallace N. Hunter USNR

Flying Inst. Frank Hilton RCAF

Pfc. Neal K. Irish USA

Cpl. Noel Irish USA

M.M.S. 3/C Paul J. Kuta USNR

Earle Ladd

Cpl. Fred B. Ladd USA

Cpl. Virgil Ladd USA

Pvt. Glenn B. Lamoreau USA

Pfc. Henry Lamoreau USA

T./Sgt. Herman Lamoreau AAF

M.M. Malcolm Lamoreau USMS

Ist. Lt. Marion Lamoreau ANC

Cpl. Horace S. Lancaster USA

Pvt. Albert Libbey USA

Ist. Lt. Kenneth A. MacDougall USMC

Pfc. David E. McGinn USA

Major Joseph Mellen USA

S l/C James Merrill USN

Lt. j.g. George Millay USN

M.M. 2/C Clayton Mitchell USN

Cpl. Harold Mortimer USA

Pvt. Pelham Noyes AAF

Pvt. Glen Orrs AAF

Chester C. Peavey

Pfc. Richard I. Prindall AAF

Pfc. William Prindall USA

Pvt. Chester H, Purington USA

Flight Inst. Ralph A. Purington

George F. Randall

Lt. (j.g.) Linwood Rideout USNR

Cpl. Richard Routhier USA

Sgt. George F. Rowe AAF

Pfc. Thurman L. Skelton USA

Pfc. William Stratakos USCA

Cpl. Charles E. Tarr USA

Cpl. Fred Leroy Temple AAF

MOMM 3/C. Irving G. Temple USNR

W.O. Ray Tibbetts

Pfc. John Burton Tome USA

Pfc. Walter L. Tome USA

M.M. 2/C Chester Tourtelotte USN

S l/C Erland Tourtelotte USNR

Cpl. Leon E. Trufant USA

Pfc. Arthur W. Turner AAF

Pfc. Robert N. Turner USA

Cpl. Edward Wallace USA

S l/C Roy Wallace USNR

Ist. Lt. Kenneth R. Webber USA

M.M. David White USMS

F l/C Lewis H. Williams USNR

Sgt. Charles Wildes AAF

Cpl. Guy Wildes USA

Pfc. Gilbert Wildes USA

Qm 3/C Keith Wildes

Noble J. Woods