“The Apron Tea” at Merrymeeting Hall, October 30, 2022

The Bowdoinham Historical Society has many old aprons in its eclectic collections. Betsy Steen, Laurie Look and Joanne Savoie collaborated to bring “The Apron Tea” to townspeople for their enjoyment of history, stories and tea.
Jinger Howell-Martin, creator and owner of “Yo Mamma’s Apron Strings,” spoke on the history of aprons throughout mankind. A “Parade of Apron Stories” was told by Bowdoinham Storytellers while everyone enjoyed “A Mid-Century Tea Buffet.” Many guests brought an apron and shared their story. Some stories were true, some embellished, some nostalgic and sweet, some hilarious, and all were entertaining. The “Tea” was delicious, with many savory and sweet offerings. Fifty people attended.

Kate Cutko and Dana Legawiec recorded the stories for “StoryBridges,” a new project aimed at preserving Bowdoinham’s historic voices and collecting new ones as well.

Many people helped to create this event:

  • Organizers: Laurie Look, Betsy Steen Joanne Savoie
  • Speaker: Jinger Howell-Martin
  • Bowdoinham Storytellers: Marla Blake, Ann Carmichael, Sally Cluchey, Frank Connors, Bob Curtis, Jan Hayward, Carol Lenna, Laurie Look, Randy Look, Patty Melander, Diana Mosher’s apron (story told by Kate Cutko), Josephine Mussomeli, Julie Rea, Joanne Savoie, Betsy Steen, Jennifer Stonebraker, Daphne White
  • The Bakers, the Tea Makers, the Sandwich Makers: Nan Curtis, Marlene Hensley, Margaret Saindon, Rachelle Tome, Betty Deforeest, Shirley Tracy, Kathy Savoie, Laurie Look,  Joanne Savoie
  • Set up: The Friday Morning Girls
  • Greeter: Lara Ashouwak
  • Photographer: Kate Brinsmade
  • Many participants and guests loaned aprons and teapots and helped with clean-up.