Shipbuilding and Seafaring in Bowdoinham

2014 Shipbuilding Exhibit

Exhibit at the Jellerson School:  Shipbuilding & Seafaring: Shipbuilding & Cargos and Destinations

Welcome to the Bowdoinham Historical Society

Jellerson School: Step Back in Time ...

Jellerson one-room schoolhouse, Bowdoinham, Maine

We welcome classes or home school groups to experience a school day in 1910. Details here.



What we were up to last year:

September, 2013:  The Century Box has now been sealed.

Tom DeForeest, Michael Czerwinskim Cathy Curtis and chairrman of Century Box Committee Kate Cutko

January 31, 2013: Annual Meeting. Featured the Century Box and its contents with Frank Connors as speaker on William B Kendall and the Century Box and Century Fund. CBx Committee has worked all year to catalogue and copy material from 1912, 1932, and 1962 and to gather materials to put in the box as Bowdoinham’s 2012(13) contribution.

April 6, 2013: Cemetery Cleanup Day. BHS members cleaned up at Dinsmore and Hall cemeteries on a cold day, but it was still good fun and made us feel good.

Meeting House: Electricity and new steps installed!

June 7, 2013: BHS at BCS History Day: Bowdoinham History Day at Bowdoinham Community School was held June 7th. Forty fourth graders each attended four sessions at stations which included Old Fashioned Games – Laurie Peavey-Ross; Rug Braiding, Knotted Trim, & Rope Making – Cathy Reynolds; School Life – Leslie Anderson & Sylvia Edmundson; Ship Building, Coastal Trade, & Life Aboard – Betsy Steen; Ice Harvesting – Sarah Skolfield and Daphne White; Knitting and Sewing – Nan Curtis; Life at Home – Joanne Savoie; Woodworking & Tools – Steve Bunn.

Super Yard Sale. A huge thanks to Jeanne Gillis and her Yard Sale Crew for putting it together! The Meeting House was crammed with treasures, and 12 people brought tables and sold their own items. When the day drew to a close, the folks selling declared that they had done very well, and BHS had taken in over $1,300 to put toward restoring our 1884 Meeting House.  

Celebrate Bowdoinahm. The BHS Tent featured the new Century Box created by Isabelle Pelissier as well as the contents of the 1912, 1932, and 1962 box. Also on display was material to be included in the box representing Bowdoinham 2012-13. The 2012 Century Box was officially sealed at the Select Board meeting October 22. It will be reopened in 2062.  Thanks to everyone who has worked to make this happen and who helped at Celebrate. Copies of the 1912-1962 material will be in the library for winter afternoon reading.  William Kendall’s Century Fund continues with $2500+ at interest for use in 2112.

Ice Cream Social. We gathered in August at Jellerson for an afternoon complete with home made ice cream & toppings,  old fashioned games, and great camaraderie. Thank you Leslie Anderson for spearheading this fun event.

Work Room, on the third floor of the Coombs Municipal Building. BHS, under the guidance of Wayne Dorr is working to clean, paint and furnish the old Superintendent's Room next to our storage area.We envision interesting sessions sorting and cataloging. Contact us if you would like to be part of this project. We need your help.

Jellerson Schoolhouse. Have you noticed the handsome new outhouse/woodshed that has sprouted at Jellerson? Tom DeForeest and Bob Stetson are in the process of creating the prettiest privy in Bowdoinham with wood from Leslie Anderson and Patty Melander and funding from The Merrymeeting Bay Trust. It will even have a 1902 Sears catalog!! Thank you!

And speaking of Jellerson, it is ready for students. We have already had two class visit requests and hope we will host classes from Bowdoin and Bowdoinham and well as home schooled groups.

Bowdoinham Second Grade classes visited for an old fashioned school day a la 1910 on  April 8 & 9, 2013. Dressed in clothes of the era, scholars read lessons from McGuffy readers, practiced penmanship in their copy books and on slates, did mental math, enjoyed their period lunches, played old fashioned games at recess, participated in a spelling bee, learned about Merrymeeting Bay, and helped with school house chores.

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